About Heroes for Hawaii

Every act of giving is a heroic act, whether helping a neighbor with groceries, or participating in a beach cleanup, or making a donation to those in need.

Heroes for Hawaii was created by the Hawaii Community Foundation to celebrate everyday heroic acts like these and share opportunities that invite people of all means to join in and give to their island communities.

Heroes for Hawaii features giving campaigns that have a targeted purpose such as providing disaster relief to a specific community, supporting college scholarships for students who are first in their families to attend college, or participating in a collective effort to restore degrading shorelines.

It’s easy: You choose where to give and how much to give and we will do the rest. All gifts made to any Heroes for Hawaii campaign are backed by the Hawaii Community Foundation’s commitment that every donation will be used in the most effective way to create the greatest impact in the community.

By becoming a hero for Hawaii you are making our islands a better place to live for all and for always. Please join the movement or contact us today.