You can be a Hero for Hawaii

Gifts big or samll

The Hawaii Community Foundation prides itself on being a driving force for change that focuses on constant and long-term improvement in our beloved state. HCF is somewhere you can turn to with questions about how to be a part of making Hawaii a thriving place to live for all and always. We are dedicated to making sure all philanthropic ventures, big or small, are addressed and work to guide givers support towards the islands’ most critical needs.

Whether that means you are interested in establishing a Donor Advised Fund that allows you to customize your giving plans or want to leave Hawaii with a legacy of your support - HCF can help ensure your goals are met.

Heroes for Hawaii was established to provide educational avenues and giving options for those interested in supporting local causes right now. HCF works to define success measures, build networks and create systems that you as givers can help support.

HCF has identified many critical needs and we offer giving options for each area of interest that help support those needs.

Giving Options

Below are just a few options you might consider to help Hawaii thrive:

  • The Community Needs Fund
    Gifts to this fund allow HCF to be agile during immediate and unforseen critical times of need. This fund has historically supported areas such as natural disaster relief, economic recovery, homelessness, and more.
  • First Generation Scholarship Fund
    HCF administers more than $6 million in scholarships that support Hawaii high school students pursue their dreams of graduating from college or other secondary educational goals. This fund specifically supports students who are the first within their families to go to college.
  • Arts & Culture Fund
    HCF wants to preserve a flourishing arts and cultural community in Hawaii. Widely seen as the backbone to many educational and social programs, we want to be sure the arts and a focus on cultural history is available for all our ohana for generations to come.
  • Support the Environment
    Not many places in the world have as fragile or diverse an ecosystem as ours and as we continue to grow and industrialize our island state it is important that we be sure there is a balance between progress and the aina.
  • Community Health & Sciences
    Technology can be an immense force for good. It can make life easier, more productive, and healthier. We want to make sure that sector is thriving so that technology can help us help each other.