Hawaii Community Foundation is Focused on Creating Long-Term, Large-Scale Change for our islands

HCF has developed the change framework to help the community better understand critical needs through data-driven strategic goals focused on making the most impact within the community. We are focused on six major areas of community need.

  • Community & Economy
    Focused on strengthening communities to build self-sufficiency. We believe in supporting nonprofits that deliver vital services and programs, enabling local communities and their residents to thrive.
  • Health & Welfare
    Enabling residents to lead healthier, more productive lives. We believe that effective systems of community support – especially for Hawaii’s most vulnerable – improve the welfare of families, the long-term outlook for children, and the ability of residents to lead productive lives.
  • Arts & Culture
    Fostering creativity and diversity to increase critical thinking and collaboration. We believe that artistic and cultural experiences encourage innovative thinking and appreciation for the rich diversity of our traditions and artistic expression.
  • Natural Environment
    Protecting our resources to ensure our economic and environmental sustainability. We believe that the protection of our natural environment safeguards the well-being of residents and ensures the long-term environmental and economic health of the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Government & Civics
    Engaging citizens and leaders to address community issues. We believe that informed citizens and civically engaged leaders can increase the effectiveness of policies and practices and together take on complex community challenges.
  • Education
    Helping students unlock their potential to enrich their futures. We believe that helping students afford and access high-quality education is key to their success in and beyond the classroom, enabling them to achieve their highest hopes and benefit their communities.